9.2 Unmatriculating a Student into an Applicant

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for unmatriculating a student in ctcLink.

Audience: All staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC SR Student Program
  • ZD SR Student Program
  • ZZ SR Student Program
  • ZZ Student Program Limited

You must also set these SACR Security permissions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or SACR settings, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access

Unmatriculating a Student into an Applicant

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

  1. The Student Program/Plan search page displays.
  2. Enter ID.
  3. Enter additional Search Criteria to identify your student.
  4. Select Search.
Student Program Plan search page
  1. The Student Program tab displays.
  2. Select Correct History.
Student Program tab
  1. Select the Add a New Row [+] icon.
  2. The new row displays.
  3. Select "ADRV" (Admission Revocation) in the Program Action field.
  4. Select Save. A warning will display.
  5. This will delete all Program Action rows and sequences from this component for the student. The application record will still exist.
Student Program tab
  1. Process complete.


Joanne Treffrey

What happens to a student if you revoke their admissions?

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Joanne,
Your question is greatly appreciated. Students cannot enroll in classes if their program stacks have been revoked. Students must have an active program plan and term activation to enroll. Thank you so much! Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Joanne Treffrey

Thank you for your response Tanjagay. That leads me to another question :) Will this eliminate an unwanted student number

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Joanne. I hope all is well with you. Revoking does not delete an EMPLID. If a new EMPLID was created for the same student, submit a CS Support ticket. https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/67010/l/1211427-how-to-submit-a-ctclink-support-ticket. Because of this, OAAP's integrated Search/Match feature suspends the application whenever the data matches an existing user. To avoid duplicate IDs when manually entering an application, use the Search/Match functionality. https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/79545/l/1029200-9-2-searching-for-records-using-search-match Thank you so much for your question, Joanne. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer.

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