9.2 Understanding the Work Period ID Settings for Employees

Purpose:  Use this document to set the proper Work Period ID for employees in ctcLink.

Audience:  HR Staff/Workforce Administrators.

Understanding the Work Period ID Settings for Employees

  1. This setting should match the information on screen PS0002 and PS0003.
    • Example: If the employee is classified, then their Work Period should be “W522” for 2088 hrs.
    • Example: If the employee is exempt, then their Work Period should be “D261” for 261 days.
    • Example: If the employee is Full-time faculty, then their Work Period should be “D176” for 176 days.
  2. We recommend that you choose an employee from each classification to review; we have also provided a list of Work Periods below to help with this process.
  3. Also, FTE displays the percentage of full-time work that the worker should normally work in this job. The system calculates this value based on the standard hours entry for this job and the standard work period. If the employee is Part-time, exempt, or hourly with a Work Period less than 261 days the FTE will reflect that percentage.
    • Example: If the employee is part-time faculty with the Work Period of “D106” for 106 days the FTE will calculate to 0.40769.
  4. However, you can override the system-calculated FTE and enter any value. The system issues a warning if you enter a value that is greater than 1.0.

Note: the values below are related to Work Period only for the purposes of this document; however, you will find additional values within the table set that are related to Comp Frequencies.

Job Information tab

Work Periods Table

Frequency ID Description
D Daily
D106 106 Days
D110 110 Days
D112 112 Days
D113 113 Days
D114 114 Days
D115 115 Days
D119 119 Days
D122 122 Days
D126 126 Days
D127 127 Days
D132 132 Days
D137 137 Days
D138 138 Days
D140 140 Days
D159 159 Days
D173 173 Days
D174 174 Days
D175 175 Days
D176 176 Days
D177 177 Days
D179 179 Days
D181 181 Days
D184 184 Days
D186 186 Days
D194 194 Days
D197 197 Days
D199 199 Days
D204 204 Days
D211 211 Days
D216 216 Days
D217 217 Days
D219 219 Days
D222 222 Days
D230 230 Days
D237 237 Days
D239 239 Days
D247 247 Days
D250 250 Days
D251 251 Days
D252 252 Days
D253 253 Days
D256 256 Days
D261 261 Days
D31 31 Days
D40 40 Days
D42 42 Days
D45 45 Days
D52 52 Days
D53 53 Days
D54 54 Days
D55 55 Days
D56 56 Days
D66 66 Days
D67 67 Days
D72 72 Days
D78 78 Days
D82 82 Days
D96 96 Days
W Weekly
W132 Weekly 132
W522 Weekly 522


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