9.2 Adding Applications Manually without a Fee

Purpose: Use this document as a resource for how to add applications manually with a fee waiver in ctcLink

Audience: Admissions Staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC AD App Entry
  • ZZ AD App Entry

You must also set these SACR Security permissions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or SACR settings, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

When adding an admission application (Quick Admit, Add Application) to an existing EMPLID:

  • If you copy/paste an EMPLID, you may have noticed that when you  copy/paste an EMPLID it can come along with an extra space and tab.  Please keep an eye out and delete those extra spaces before and after an  EMPLID before saving your record. If you save with the extra space/tab,  it creates a NEW EMPLID (a duplicate!) that includes that space/tab.
  • If you manually enter an EMPLID, please confirm it is the same as  the intended EMPLID before saving. If you save it and it is not the same  and intended EMPLID, it can create a new EMPLID (or associate data with  the wrong EMPLID).
  • When you get a warning that an SSN is already in use, heed it! It is  a clue that you may unintentionally be creating a new EMPLID. Stop and  figure out who else has the SSN on their record: Are they the same  person that you are adding to the system?

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Student Admissions > Application Entry > Add Application

The Add Application page is displayed. Notice that when the Application Entry page appears, the Application Number field is all zeros, and the ID is "NEW." The system will automatically assign an application number and EMPLID to save time.

  1. Select the appropriate Academic Institution and Academic Career.
  2. Select the Add button.
Application Entry page Add button
  1. On the Biographical Details tab, enter the appropriate information into the sections below. 
    1. Person Information
    2. Biographical History
    3. National ID
    4. Contact Information
Biographical Details tab
  1. To edit address information, select the Edit Address hyperlink.
  2. Enter applicant's
    1. Address
    2. City
    3. State
    4. Postal Code
      • If you are entering a foreign address for a student, you must select the foreign country first using the lookup tool and then click Edit Address to enter the address fields next.

If you are unable to save your address, confirm your address by checking the accuracy of your address. If you cannot save the address due to an error, select the Change Country link and choose your country. This will allow you to bypass the error before choosing OK

  • Click here for instructions on bypassing an address.
Change the country first then select Edit Address

PeopleSoft delivers foreign address formats to conform to the customary address format of the specified country. Below is a helpful crosswalk for staff to use when determining where to enter values in PeopleSoft foreign address fields.  

  1. Select the OK button.
Edit Address page
  1. Enter the applicant's Phone and Email information in the Contact Information section.
  2. Select the Regional tab.
Regional tab
  1. Use the Regional page to view or update the applicant's Ethnicity information.
  2. Select the Application Program Data tab.
Application Program Data tab
  1. Use the Application Program Data page to enter the appropriate information about this application.
    1. Admit Term
    2. Academic Program
    3. Campus
    4. Academic Plan Data
  2. Select the Application Data tab.
Application Data tab
  1. In the Application Data section, enter the applicable information into Application Center and Admit Type fields.
  2. Select the Save button.
Application Data section of Application Data tab

Notice an Application Number has now been assigned to the application.

Application Data tab - application number assigned
Bypass an Address

Sometimes, a student will provide a valid address that isn't  recognized by Clean Address. This often happens when an apartment or  home is under new construction. In cases where you've verified that a  student's address is accurate and the address isn't recognized by Clean  Address, bypass Clean Address by following the steps listed below.

The Clean Address database is updated every few months (with data  from USPS), so colleges do not need to report addresses that are not  recognized by Clean Address.

To view a table of invalid address error descriptions, visit the QRG 9.2 Update Address Information.  

  1. Enter the desired information into the following:
    • Address 1 field
    • Address 2 field (if applicable)
    • City field
    • State field
    • Postal field
    • County field
  2. Select the OK button in the lower-left corner.  
The image displays the Edit Address page
  1. If the address is not verified as deliverable, a message box will appear at the top of the screen.
  2. In the message box, click OK.
The image displays the Address is not verified message
  1. Above the Address 1 field, select the Change Country link.
The image highlights the Change Country
  1. Select USA by scrolling or searching.
The image highlights the USA hyperlink
  1. Select OK in the bottom-left corner.
The image highlights the OK button
  1. The Address History page displays. Verify the address in the Address History panel.
  2. Select OK.
The image highlights the saved address
  1. The Addresses tab displays. Select Save in the lower-left corner.
The image highlights the Save button in the lower left corner of the Addresses tab.
  1. Process complete.


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