9.2 Define Class Notes

Purpose: To create a pre-defined note selected on the notes tab in the class schedule building pages.

Audience: Class Builder

Define Class Notes

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Class Notes Table 

  1. The Class Notes Table search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Academic Institution.
  4. Note Nbr defaults to all zeroes. After you've created and saved your new Note Nbr, the system will assign a unique Note Nbr.
  5. Select Add.
Class Notes Search page
  1. The Class Notes Table page displays.
  2. Enter Effective Date.
  3. Select a Status--Active. Select Inactive if your college no longer will use the class note.
  4. Enter a short Description (max 30 characters).
  5. Enter a detailed Long Description for the note. The text will appear on the Notes page when assigned to a class. 
  6. Select Save. Note Nbr is generated.
Class Notes Table page
  1. Add class note to the appropriate class(es).
Maintain Schedule of Classes page --Notes tab
  1. Process complete.


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