9.2 Combined Classes: Uncombining

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for uncombining classes.

Audience: Student Records staff.

Uncombining classes becomes necessary when 

  • You want to delete one or more of the classes that have been combined
  • You want to schedule the combined classes as separate, distinct offerings

Note: When you uncombine classes, you will lose all meeting pattern information, including the instructor(s).

Combined Classes: Uncombining

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings

Schedule Class Meetings

  1. The Schedule Class Meetings search page displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter Term.
  4. Enter the Class Nbr.
  5. Select Search.
Schedule class meetings search page
  1. The Schedule Class Meetings page displays.  
  2. Remove the Facility ID.
  3. Select Save.
Delete the Facility ID
  1. Delete instructor(s) by selecting the [-] minus icon in the Instructors For Meeting Pattern section and select Save.
  2. Repeat steps for each class linked by the same Combined Sections ID.
Delete instructor information

Identify Combined Sections

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management >Combined Sections > Identify Combined Sections

  1. The Identify Combined Sections search page displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter Term.
  4. Enter Session.
  5. Look up or enter the Combined Sections ID.
  6. Select Search.
Enter information in the search criteria on the Identify Combined Sections page
  1. Delete all the classes no longer combined by selecting the [-] minus icon on each row.
  2. Select Save.
Delete the courses added to the combined section

Combined Sections Table

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Combined Sections > Combined Sections Table

All classes assigned to the Combined Section ID must have already been deleted before removing the Combined Sections ID number.

  1. The Combined Sections Table search page displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter Term.
  4. Enter Session.
  5. Select Search.
Navigate to the Combined sections table
  1. Locate the course Combined Sections ID and delete the ID by selecting the [-] minus icon. 
Delete the row for the Conbied section ID
  1. Select Save.
Select Save

Maintain Schedule of Classes

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

  1. The Maintain Schedule of Classes search criteria page displays.
  2. Enter Search Criteria to identify your class.
  3. Select Search.
Locate class on the Maintain Schedule of Classes page

Individual Class Will Not be Offered

  1. The Basic Data tab displays. Locate the appropriate Class Nbr.
  2. If the class is not offered individually, cancel the class on the Enrollment Control tab.
  3. Select Save.
If not offering the class, cancel

Individual Class Offered

  1. If the class is scheduled as an individual offering, re-enter the Facility ID, Meeting Pattern, Instructor ID, and Instructor Workload information.
  2. Select Save.
Enter information on the Meetings tab if offering class as an individual class.
  1. Process complete.


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