9.2 Creating Enrollment Requirement Groups

Purpose: Use this document as a reference creating enrollment requirement groups in ctcLink.

Audience: Registration staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC CM Enrollment
  • ZD CM Enrollment
  • ZZ CM Local Configuration

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Enrollment Requirement Groups are connected at the course or class level for prerequisites,  co-requisites, anti-requisites, etc.  

Creating Enrollment Requirements Groups

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Enrollment Requirements > Enrollment Requirement Groups

  1. The Enrollment Requirement Groups search page displays.  It defaults to the Find an Existing Value tab.  In this example, we'll create a new requirement group.
  2. Select Add a New Value.
  3. Allow Requirement Group number to default to all zeroes.  After you've created and saved your new requirement group, the system will assign a unique and permanent requirement group number.
  4. Select Add.
Enrollment Requirement Groups Add a New Value tab
  1. The Course Requisite tab displays.  Enter information into the following fields:
    1. Effective Date: Recommended to use 1/1/1901.
    2. Status:  Select "Active".
    3. Description, Short Description, Long Description, Report Description and Report Long Description fields: The Long Description will display to students on catalog search and class search.  Give specific details for students on these descriptions.
    4. Academic Institution:  Enter college code.
    5. All other fields are optional.

Please be diligent and always confirm that you are working with your institution's data.

  1. Select the Requisite Parameters tab.
Course Requisite tab
  1. The Requisite Parameters tab displays.  Use it to specify overall GPA and unit requirements for all of the requisite detail lines in the group (all fields on this page are optional). The GPA, course and unit minimums that are entered apply to the overall course restrictions for the classes that are specified in the subsequent requirement pages. If needed, enter the Course Credit Parameters.
  2. Select the Requisite Detail tab.
Requisite Parameters tab
  1. The Requisite Detail tab displays.  It is where to select the courses, enrollment requirements or conditions that will be used as a pre-requisite or co-requisite for the course/class. ctcLink generates the line number as rows that are added to the Group Line Type box. The number determines the order in which ctcLink evaluates the detail lines. The number can be modified to change the evaluation order, but no two lines can have the same number.
    1. Select the appropriate value from the Group Line Type list:
      1. Condition: Types of conditions include:
        • Test Scores (must be configured on the Define Tests for Requisites page)
        • Academic Programs
        • Academic Plans
        • Student Groups (must be configured on the Define Requisite Student Groups page)
        • Dynamic Conditions (must be configured on the Define Requisite Conditions page)
      2. Course: To specify a specific Catalog ID or a specific class from a specified term
      3. Requirement: To specify a specific Requirement (must be configured on the Enrollment Requirements page)
      4. Wild Card Course: Allows the user to select a range of courses based on subject and catalog number range.
    2. Based on the Group Line Type selected, additional fields will open.  
    3. In this example we are using a Condition.  Select the appropriate value from the Condition Code list.
    4. Based on the Condition Code selected, fields will open, In the example of Test Scores this selection will allow you to select the Test ID (e.g. COMPASS) and the required Test Component (e.g. College Algebra) and score to meet the requirement.
    5. Select the Add a Row [+] or Delete a Row [-] buttons to add or remove additional line items. Based on type of group line item selected, additional requirement details can be inputted on the Requisite detail parameters tab.
  2. Select the Requisite Detail Parameters tab.
Requisite Detail tab
  1. The Requisite Detail Parameters tab displays.  This tab will give additional fields that are available based on the group line type selected in the step above.  For example: If the line item is a course, a specific number or courses units or GPA for that specified course can be added.
  2. Select Save.
Requisite Detail Parameters tab
  1. Note the updated Requirement Group number.
Requisite Detail Parameters tab

When the requisite is saved, the system assigns the Requirement Group number. An enrollment requirement group should be assigned to a course in the course catalog.
The  QCS_CM_CRSE_CATALOG_DATA  will give you the Enrollment Requirement Group Number attached to Courses that have requirements (It's the last column on this query output). QCS_CM_CRSE_RQ_SCHED lists the Courses offered in a given term with the Enrollment Requirement Group number for those with requirements.  QCS_CM_ENROLL_REQUIREMENT_USE identifies Enrollment Requirement Groups that use a Requirement.  QCS_CM_CLASS_ENROLL_REQ pulls the classes scheduled in the prompted term and the class requirements assigned to the class. You can see which classes have requisites at the class and/or course level. 

  1. Process complete.
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