Class Permissions - Batch Generation

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for generating class permission numbers in batch in ctcLink.

Audience: All staff

You must have the following local-college managed security role:


You must also set these SACR Security permissions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or SACR settings, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Supporting Information:

Users can generate permission numbers for an entire subject by selecting the desired amount of permission numbers in the run control settings. Because permission numbers are created for an entire subject, all run control settings must be carefully checked before processing. Manual clean-up per class will be the only solution if mistakes are made.

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Batch Class Permissions

Navigation:  Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Class Permissions > Generate Add Permissions

  1. The Generate Add Permissions search page displays.
  2. If you have run this process or report in the past, select the Find an Existing Value tab to enter an existing Run Control ID and select the Search button. If this is the first time running this process or report, select the Add a New Value tab to create a new Run Control ID and select the Add button. 
  3. NOTE: It is important to note that Run Control IDs cannot be deleted. Do not include spaces in your Run Control. We encourage the  Run Control ID to have the same process naming convention but unique to the step; because of this, including your institution code and a short process description in the Run Control ID is recommended--e.g., WA220_BATCH_PERMISSION_NBR.
  4. The Generate Add Permissions page displays.
  5. Enter or look up the Academic Institution by selecting the looking glass.
  6. Enter or look up the Academic Group by selecting the looking glass.
  7. Enter or look up the Term by selecting the looking glass.
  8. Enter or look up the Subject Area. Specify the subject area for which you would like permissions. When the process is run based on the subject, the system checks the Add Consent field on the Enrollment Control tab. This is located on the Maintain Schedule of Classes page. Select one subject area or leave blank for all subject areas.
  9. Enter Percent of Enrollment Capacity: Defaults to 0.10. Input the percent of enrollment capacity the system should use to determine the number of permissions to create.
  10. Enter Minimum of Permission Assign: Defaults to 10, and the system will generate a minimum of that many permission numbers.
  11. Commit Frequency: Default to "1." Do not change the default value.
  12. Enter Permission Expire Date: Enter the Expiration Date for the class permission definition. The expiration date is when the permission number is no longer valid. The system will default to the End of Term date. It expires at 11:59 p.m. on the expiration date.
  13. Permission Valid For: All checkboxes default as selected. Uncheck the Override Career checkbox. Remove additional checks as necessary.
  14. Select the Add a New Row [+] button on the right side of the screen to insert a new row to specify additional criteria or terms to run. Use the ◄► navigation arrows to navigate to a different row.
  15. Select Run. For more information, refer to the Process Scheduler/Process Monitor QRG for instructions.
  16. Process complete.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in the steps listed above. There is no audio included with this video. Select the play button to start the video.

View Tutorial Via Panopto

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