9.2 Entering Driver's License Data

Purpose: Use this document to enter Driver's License Data for an Individual in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Services Staff.

Use the Driver's License Information page to enter license numbers and driving record information.

Navigation: Campus Solutions Administrator > Right NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Personal Information > Identification > Driver's License Data

  1. Enter the desired information into the ID field.
  2. Select the Search button.
Driver's License Data Landing Page
  1. Enter the desired information into the following:
    • Driver's License # field.
    • State field.
    • Issue Location field.
    • Issuing Authority field.
    • Valid from field.
    • Expiration Date field.
  2. Select the License Type list and choose the desired item from the drop down menu.
    • You will enter the type of driver's license, such as car, class C, motorcycle, etc., that is issued to this individual under the specified license number.
    • You will add a new row if the license number is different for different license types
  3. Select the Save button.
Driver's License Information Entry Page
  1. You have successfully entered driver's license information for an individual.
  2. End of Procedure.