9.2 Updating Linked Addresses

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for updating linked addresses ctcLink.

Audience: College staff responsible for maintaining student information

Updating Linked Addresses

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Personal Information > Biodemo Processes > Update Linked Addresses

When an address is updated for a campus location or organization, the campus location or organization address for individuals linked to that location or organization are not changed in the database until the Update Linked Addresses process is run. During this process, ctcLink finds each of the individuals linked to an organization and changes the organization's address for each individual.

  1. The Update Linked Addresses run control ID search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Run Control ID.
  4. Select Add.
Update Linked Addresses Add a New Value tab
  1. The Update Linked Addresses page displays.
  2. Select Organization Link, Location Link, or both.
  3. Select Run.  Refer to the Process Scheduling QRG for instructions.
Update Linked Addresses page
  1. Process complete.


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