9.2 Enter Ethnicity Information

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for entering ethnicity information in ctcLink.

Audience: College staff responsible for maintaining student information

Enter Ethnic Information

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Personal Information > Biographical > Personal Attributes > Ethnicity

  1. The Ethnicity search page displays.
  2. Enter Search Criteria to identify your student--(First/Last Name, National ID (SSN), ID)
  3. Select Search.
Ethnicity search page
  1. The Ethnicity page displays.
  2. Check the Person is Hispanic or Latino box, if appropriate. Then, select the appropriate ethnic group from the If Yes, select Ethnic Group drop-down box  if the information has been disclosed by the student.
Ethnicity page
  1. If the person is NOT Hispanic or Latino, select the magnifying glass next to the Ethnic Group field in the Ethnicity section and select the appropriate Ethnic Group from the list.
Ethnicity page
  1. If the student belongs to more than one ethnic group, select Add button, then repeat step 5 or 6 for each group.
Ethnicity page
  1. Check the Primary box for the ethnic group with which the student most directly identifies if the information has been disclosed by the student.
  2. Check the IPEDS box to indicate that the data has been submitted by a reliable source in accordance with IPEDS questions or application data.
  3. For each ethnic group listed, enter the Percentage of the student’s ethnicity it represents if the information has been disclosed by the student.
  4. Select Save.
Ethnicity page
  1. Process complete.


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