Payroll Tax for Out-of-State Workers

Purpose: Use this document to understand that your college should plan to proactively withhold payroll taxes for out-of-state workers.

Audience: Local HR/Payroll Teams

NOTE: This guidance is for actions to be taken outside of ctcLink. Each college works directly with the government agency that the college would file state tax forms.

After your college registered with a specific State, contact the ctcLink HCM Customer Support and request to be set up with the respective State Tax withholding in ctcLink.

Please notice that activating State Taxes for your college will require configuration changes through the system on both the global level and employee level. Be prepared to provide the State’s business identification number (BIN) for your college, Experience Rate and any other information that may be needed.

OFM provides guidance and resources that may help you understand compliance tasks regarding payroll taxes when your employees are working from another state. The Additional Resources listed on their web site may help you get started.

Follow this link to review the information on OFM web site:

Out-of-state remote work guidance and resources:


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