Understanding Pay Confirmation

Purpose: Use this document to understand pay confirmation in ctcLink.

Audience: Payroll Specialists.

Pay confirmation is the final step in running your payroll. Running the Confirm Pay process indicates that you have reviewed and approved all payroll information for this pay run and that you're ready to produce paychecks and distribute to the general ledger.

Understanding Pay Confirmation

  1. The diagram below illustrates pay confirmation in the payroll process.


Payroll diagram 1
  1. The diagram below illustrates confirmation processing and some of the additional data processing capabilities that follow the confirmation of payroll.
  2. Manage the Confirm Pay process with the same pay run ID that you use for the Create Paysheets and Calculate Pay processes.
  3. After a payroll has been confirmed, you can generate checks, advices, and any other payroll reports. You can also process the direct deposit, general ledger, payables, or any other interface. You can review an employee's check totals and payroll balances online.
  4. This diagram shows the pay confirmation steps. The payroll confirmation procedure is very similar to the procedure that you follow to create paysheets and calculate payroll.
  5. The Confirm Pay process:
    • Processes each pay group, indicating how many checks have been confirmed.
    • Updates all MTD, QTD, and YTD balances for employe- and company-level payroll information.
    • Assigns check and advice numbers.
    • Allocates direct deposit distribution.
    • Updates leave time taken.
    • Deletes paysheets.
Payroll diagram 2

End of Procedure.