Checklist for after Payroll is Confirmed

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for what tasks are required on a local level after the payroll has been confirmed.

Audience: Payroll Administrators

The post-payroll-confirm processing in ctcLink related to this Quick Reference Guide refers to generating pay period reports, creating the pay stub PDF for Employee Self Service, and completing vendor payments.

Follow this checklist to ensure all tasks are done and done in the correct order.

Checklist for after Payroll is Confirmed


Checklist After Payroll Confirm - Use this link to access important details associated with steps below.

For each task, the Checklist After Payroll Confirm QRG includes the following:

  • Step - This is the Task Number related to the ordered stream of processes/tasks.
    Alternatively, there may be recommended tasks suggested that do not have a number that are prerequisites or optional - but strongly encouraged.
  • Process  Type - This indicates if the step is a Process (individual), PS Job (multiple processes grouped together), PS Query or BI Publisher Report, or another Checklist.
  • Process or Job Name - This is the name of the process/application. When applicable, this also includes the actual technical name that will be observed in Process Monitor
  • Description - Provides brief description of the respective process or task
  • Navigation - NavBar navigation path to get to the process.
  • Quick Reference Guide (QRG) or Notes - The last column includes notes or links to a Quick Reference Guide that provides a step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task

End of procedure.


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