9.2 Updating Pay Calendar Tables

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to update pay calendar tables in ctcLink.

Audience: Payroll Administrator.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Payroll Local Config
  • ZZ Payroll Processing

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Update Pay Calendar Tables

Navigation:  Set Up HCM > Product Related > Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing Controls > Pay Calendar Table

  1. The Pay Calendar Table search page displays.
  2. Enter the Company or select from the search icon.
  3. Enter the Pay Period End Date or select from the Calendar icon.
  4. NOTE: you can also narrow your search by Pay Group and/or Pay Run ID if needed.
  5. Select the Search button. The Search Results display.
  6. Select the Pay Calendar to be edited.

NOTE: In this example, the Paycheck Issue Date is set for a holiday. This needs to be changed to the day before the holiday. Other fields that are open for edit can also be changed in the screen. 

  1. The Pay Calendar Table page is displayed.
  2. Change the Paycheck Issue Date to the correct date.
  3. Select the Save button.
  4. Select Next in List to scroll through and make the needed changes for other pay calendars in your search results.

End of procedure.


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