Generate Dynamic Class Dates

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to generate Dynamic Dates in ctcLink.
Audience: Student Records

Run a Process to Generate Dynamic Dates

Navigation: Curriculum Management > Dynamic Dates > Generate Dynamic Class Dates

You must set up the following SACR Security permission:

  1. The Generate Dynamic Class Dates run control ID search page displays.  It defaults to Find an Existing Value.  In this example, we'll create a new run control ID.
  2. Select Add a New Value.
  3. Enter Run Control ID.
  4. Select Add.
  • The enrollment section is subject to dynamic rules if the class has multiple components.
  • Please note this process will not run successfully if the course has enrollment.
  • If enrollment already exists, please follow the QRG 9.2 Dynamic Dates and Specific Class Sections to calculate the dynamic dates for the specific class section.
  1. The Generate Dynamic Class Dates page displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter Term.
  4. Select 'Dynamic Dated' from the Session dropdown menu.  You may repeat the process selecting 'Open Entry/Open Exit' from the Session dropdown menu as well.
  5. Select the Run button, located on the top-right side of the screen.
  6. The Process Scheduler Request page displays.
  7. Select Reset to Current Date/Time button.
  8. Select the Dynamic Date Generation checkbox.  Ensure all others are blank.
  9. Select OK.
Process Scheduler Request Page Select Dynamic Date Generation
  1. The Process Scheduler Request page disappears.  The updated Generate Dynamic Class Dates page displays.  Note the Process Instance number.
  2. Select Process Monitor.  Refer to the Process Monitor QRG for instructions.
  3. The Process List page displays.
  4. Select Refresh until the Run Status is 'Success' and the Distribution Status is 'Posted' for the Process Instance you noted above in step 13.
Process Monitor ran to success

Process complete.


Cristina Simental

I see there is a note about running this process prior to enrollment. Is there a way to do this after enrollment has occurred?

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Cristina, Thank you for your question regarding dynamic class dates. A QRG will walk you through the steps of calculating dynamic class dates for a specific class section if enrollment already exists. Please review 9.2 Class Section Dynamic Dates Have a great day, Cristina! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Linda Chadwick

Can a course have both an OEE and a Dynamic date or can a course only have one?

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Linda, a course can have both OEE and Dynamic sessions. Thank you for your question! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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