Class Schedule Display

Purpose: This document explains the class schedule display.

Audience: Student Records staff

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If your college needs to update term/session dates, the below may be helpful: 

Full-Year Class Schedule Display

All four terms are available for viewing beginning April 1 of each year; this is controlled by the Display From date. The Instruction Commission, with the support of WSSSC, approved the full academic year availability of class search.

The Term Values Table is populated ten years in advance with placeholder dates by CS Support. The placeholder values will be updated annually, considering actual term end dates. CS Core will use the latest “last day of term” to update the Display To dates in the Term Values Table.

Colleges can view the global display dates in the Term Values Table (Set Up SACR > Foundation Tables > Term Setup > Term Values Table). 

  • Registrars:  Your campus can choose which terms are open for enrollment.  Use Enrollment Appointments to control student access to enrollment.  
  • Class Schedulers:  Your campus can choose whether your classes display to students.  Use the Schedule Print checkbox on class sections to control this.


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