9.2 Awarding High School Completion

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to code academic plans for transitional studies.

Audience:  Student Records staff

Academic Plan Coding to Award Completion

At the time of awarding, the graduation evaluator will perform a plan change to one of the following codes:

Academic Plan Code
Description Applicable Students
High School Completion
Adheres to SHB 1758 guidelines; Running Start or 21yrs+ who has completed an associate degree and has formally requested their HS diploma
High School 21 and Above
Enrolled specifically in the HS21+ program
High School Completion HSC
Adult students 16yrs+ not falling under the above two categories; HS Reengagement
International High School
International HS completion

NOTE - To meet the statutory authority (RCW 28B50.535 and WAC 180-51-053) for community or technical colleges to offer and award high school diplomas, only the completion title “High School Diploma” is authorized for transcription.

Academic Plan Coding Prior to Completion

Online Admission Application (OAAP):

  • If the Transitional Studies Academic Program is selected in OAAP, the applicant will choose an Academic Plan from the list below. The selection menu displays description only; codes are not visible to applicants. The Academic Plans available may vary based on a college's decision to show them on the OAAP.

Staff Entry:

  • Designated staff can manually enter an application or activate a student directly using the codes below.
Academic Plan Code Description Applicable Students
ABE Reading/Writing/Math Skills Not award seeking, intent of transitioning to college level
ESL English as a Second Language Not award seeking, intent of transitioning to college level
HSE High School Equivalent/GED Taking coursework towards GED (is not awarded by college)
HSD High School Diploma Programs contracted with high schools, students do not pay tuition or Basic Skills $25 charge.  
UNDECLTR Trans Studies - Undecided Undecided or students enrolling in non-basic skills coursework such as Alternative High School, College in the High School, or Gateway to College

NOTE - These Academic Plan codes are not used to award a completion.


Savannah utz

I am ready to schedule my 2 1/2 assessment test so I can begin my GED prep class. Please le me know what I need to do next.
Thank you.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Savannah! Thank you for your question. Please get in touch with the Enrollment Services office or Testing Center at your institution--they will assist you with your next steps. Have a great day, Savannah!! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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