9.2 Graduation Tracking

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to track a graduation candidate's progress and status history.

Audience: Student Records staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD SR Graduation Inquiry
  • ZD SR Super User
  • ZZ SR Graduation

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Graduation Tracking will not be available unless a Student Career Nbr has an Expected Graduation Term populated on an active student program plan stack. In addition, College staff will need to have the appropriate Graduation Status Security SACR.

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Graduation Tracking Page

Navigation:  Menu > Records and Enrollment > Graduation > Graduation Tracking

From the Graduation Tracking page, you can track each career number if a student has applied for more than one certificate/degree.

Tip: Local college query developers can design a query to identify the Graduation Review Status, Graduation Notes, and Honors. By entering graduation progress information on the Graduation Tracking page, staff can add/ obtain information about awarding degrees and honors without having access to awarding them.

  1. The Graduation Tracking search page displays.
  2. Enter Search Criteria to identify your student. You will only view the results for your institution.
  3. Select the Search button. If multiple results are returned, select the appropriate student career number.

The sections displayed on the Graduation Tracking page are selected on the Academic Institution Table--Academic Institution 8 tab. The Graduation Review Status is the default status used when submitting a graduation application.

The image displays the Academic Institution Table, ensuring the Use Graduation Tracking checkbox is selected

Graduation Tracking Section

  1. The Graduation Tracking section displays the following:
    1. Graduation Review Status: Current status displays.
    2. Status Date: Graduation Review Status assignment date.
    3. Last Modified On: Displays the last modified date and time.
    4. Updated By: EMPLID of the last person to update the Graduation Review Status.
    5. Update Graduation Status checkbox: Select to chooses a new Graduation Review Status. Status will update after selecting Save in the lower-left corner of the page.

Note: The Graduation Review Status will be populated with the Grad Review Status configured for your institution on the Academic Institution Table (Tab 8) only if the student applies for graduation through self-service.

 Suppose a staff member manually records a graduation application or updates an Expected Graduation Term to a recorded application. In that case, the Graduation Review Status will be blank, and staff will need to populate the field with the appropriate Graduation Review Status. 

Th image displays the Graduation Tracking page including Career, Program, Term, Degree, Insitution,Program Status
  1. View Status History: Select button to view the Graduation Status History.
  2. The Graduation Status History page displays the following:
    1. Date/Time Reviewed
    2. Degree
    3. Degree Description
    4. Previous Graduation Status
    5. New Grad Status
    6. Previous Status Date
    7. New Status Date
    8. Updated By
  3. Select OK to return to the Graduation Tracking page.

Academic Plan Section

  1. The intended graduation Academic Plan information displays.
    1. Plan Sequence: The Plan Sequence number should be 10. If you see a different number in the field, run QCS_SR_MULTIPLE_PLANS_IN_STACK to verify there is only one plan per program.
    2. Academic Plan: Academic plan code displays. Example--HMRHIBAS
    3. Description: The plan description displays. Example--Health Information Mgmt BAS
    4. Acad Plan Type: Major.
    5. Acad Subplan: This is used to indicate the specialization of the Academic Plan.
    6. Degree: The Degree name is displayed. Example--Bachelor of Applied Science.


  1. The Academic Statistics displays for the expected graduation term. Select the "Show All Columns" icon to expand all columns.
The image displays the Statistics section suggesting that you can click the Show All Columns to expand all columns.
  1. The columns provide the following information:
    1. Term
    2. Acad Level Projected
    3. Taken for Progress
    4. Passed for Progress
    5. Taken Toward GPA
    6. Passed Toward GPA
    7. Taken Not Toward GPA
    8. Passed Not Toward GPA
    9. In Progress GPA
    10. In Progress Not for GPA
    11. Enrollment GPA
    12. Transfer Credit GPA
    13. Combined GPA
    14. Units Taken Toward GPA
    15. Total Transferred
    16. Total From Test Credits
    17. Total From Other Credit
  2. Select the Grid icon to download the Statistics table to Excel. (Optional)


  1. In the Enrollment section, view a student's enrollment by choosing to display a Limited View or Show All. Select the "Show All Columns" icon to expand all columns.
  2. With the Limited View choice, a list of five rows of currently enrolled and/or completed classes will appear.
In the Enrollment section, selecting Limited View will yield in only 5 enrollment rules
  1. Show All enables the View All link when selected. Alternatively, you can use the arrows to view your institution's students' classes.
  2. Select the Grid icon to download the Class Details table to Excel. (Optional)
  3. The Class Information and Class Information 2 displays Course and Class information (e.g., Class Nbr, Course ID, Official Grade, etc.). Select the "Show All Columns" icon to expand all columns.
  4. The Enrollment Status displays class enrollment information.


  1. If a student has been assigned milestones, those Milestones that have the greatest effective date will display.
  2. Select the Grid icon to download the Milestones table to Excel. (Optional)
The image displays the Milestones/ Description and Completed and the date completed.

Graduation Notes

  1. Apply a Graduation Note to track a student's graduation progress. Graduation Notes are configured on the Graduation Notes Table and require the security role ZZ SACR Student Rec Config.
  2. The Note text box allows staff to enter additional notes.
The image displays Graduation Notes (optional) to track a student's grad progress
  1. Select Save in the lower-left corner.


  1. Apply Honors to track a student's graduation progress. Honor Codes are configured on the Degree Honors Table. The Honors Code entered on the Graduation Tracking page is not displayed on the Student Degrees page.
  2. To add additional rows, select the plus icon [+].
  3. Select Save in the lower-left corner.

Note: Adding Honors to the Graduation Tracking page will not award the student the honor, but will serve as an informational tracking tool only.

Course Credits

  1. Transferred-in Course Credits display in the Course Credits section. Select the "Show All Columns" icon to expand all columns.
The image displays the Course Credits
  1. The Transfer Model tab displays the following:
    1. Model Nbr
    2. Articulation Term
    3. Description
    4. Model Status
    5. Program
    6. Plan
  1. The Source Information tab displays the following:
    1. Model Nbr
    2. Articulation Term
    3. Credit Source Type
    4. External Org ID
    5. Descr
    6. Source Institution
    7. Apply Agreement
  1. The Statistics tab displays the following:
    1. Model Nbr
    2. Articulation Term
    3. Units Taken
    4. Units Transferred
    5. Transfer Taken for GPA, and Transfer Taken Not for GPA
    6. Transfer Passed for GPA, and Transfer Passed Not for GPA
    7. Transfer Passed Not for GPA
    8. Transfer Grade Points
    9. Transfer GPA
The Course Credits image displays highlighting the Statistics Tab

Process complete.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in steps listed above.  There is no audio included with this video.  Select the play button to start the video.


Video Tutorial via Panopto

View the external link to Graduation Tracking.  This link will open in a new tab/window.


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