Repeat Checking Processing Q&A

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide you with information on frequently asked questions regarding the repeat checking process.

Audience: Student Records Staff

What is the FTE Generation SBCTC Repeat Policy?

Students who complete a course with a low or failing grade may repeat the course in a different term.  The SBCTC Policy manual provides information on repeats and their relation to the state's FTE policy.

5.30.25 Report Course Rule snippet
When Does the System Evaluate the Student’s Enrollment for Repeat Checking Purposes?

Two checkpoints:

  1. At the time of enrollment (self-service, quick enroll, enrollment request), current system configuration verifies the enrollment transaction does not violate the repeat rule.  
  2. After grades are posted, run the Repeat Check process.  This process reviews courses with multiple attempts, compares the grades and uses the Repeat Rule to assign the appropriate Repeat Codes.
Batch Repeat Checking Scenarios -- No Manual Intervention is Necessary
Batch Repeat Checking Scenarios -- Manual Intervention Necessary
How and when do you use repeat codes?
  • After running the repeat checking process, check your work by running QCS_SR_REPEAT_COURSE.
  • You can use the process to evaluate specific EMPLIDs. If your college does not use the automated repeat checking process and only processes repeats when requested by the student, USE the automated process to evaluate that student.
  • Create/update any local policy that addresses repeats, especially those defining allowable attempts and impacts to GPA.


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