9.2 Producing Electronic Transcripts

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to produce electronic transcripts in ctcLink

Audience: Student Records.

Send Electronic Transcripts

 Suppose the transcript information you are trying to send only exists in Legacy. In that case, you have to either send the transcript from Legacy or manually convert the student's record into ctcLink before sending the transcript from ctcLink.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Electronic Transcripts > Electronic Transcript Request

  1. The Electronic Transcript Request search page displays.
  2. Enter Search Criteria to identify your student.
  3. Select the Search button.
Electronic Transcript Request search page
  1. The Transcript Request tab displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter Transcript Type.
  4. Enter Request Reason.
  5. Select the Address tab.
Transcript Request tab
  1. The Address tab displays.
  2. Select Specify External Org ID.  The Org ID and Location Nbr fields appear.
  3. Enter Org ID.
  4. Enter a Location Nbr.

Note:  Neither the Send Options nor the Request History tab is used for this process.

  1. Select the Save button.
Specify Esternal Org Id and Location Number
  1. For multiple transcript requests, navigate back to Transcript Request tab.
  2. Press the [+] button to add new row. Repeat steps 5-13.
  3. The Date Processed will remain blank until the transcript has been processed.  
Navigate back to Transcript Request tab to add an additional row for multiple requests
  1. The Date Processed field will reflect the date the process successfully completed.
Date Process field Populated

The following query will identify transcripts that were sent by your institution within a specific date range:

  1. Here is a list of colleges to whom you can send electronic transcripts.  If you select any other Org ID, you will get an error message, and the transcript will not be sent.
ORG ID Legacy Cd Description
000142102 280 Bates Technical College
000141996 080 Bellevue College
000141627 250 Bellingham Technical College
000141993 180 Big Bend Community College
000141162 300 Cascadia College
000142008 420 Central Washington University
000142009 121 Centralia College
000142018 140 Clark College
000141964 290 Clover Park Technical College
000142037 190 Columbia Basin College
000142217 330 Eastern Washington University
000142222 230 Edmonds Community College
000142219 050 Everett Community College
000142246 020 Grays Harbor College
000100453 100 Green River College
000142261 090 Highline College
000140105 260 Lake Washington Technical College
000142304 130 Lower Columbia College
000142428 063 North Seattle College
000142446 030 Olympic College
000142477 010 Peninsula College
000142059 110 Pierce College
000139628 270 Renton Technical College
000141998 062 Seattle Central College
201000000 065 Seattle Vocational Institute
000142574 070 Shoreline Community College
000142540 040 Skagit Valley College
000142442 240 South Puget Sound Community College
000142590 064 South Seattle College
000100545 171 Spokane Community College
000142583 172 Spokane Falls Community College
000142629 220 Tacoma Community College
000142655 410 University Of Washington
000142357 411 UW Bothell
000144955 413 UW Evening
000142340 412 UW Tacoma
000142736 200 Walla Walla Community College
000142546 400 Washington State University
000144781 150 Wenatchee Valley College
000142722 440 Western Washington University
000139947 210 Whatcom Community College
000144952 401 WSU Spokane
000144953 402 WSU SW Washington
000144954 403 WSU Tri-Cities
000100571 160 Yakima Valley College
  1. Process complete.


Wendy Crozier

I'm wondering why it is "Save" and not "Process" that you choose. I didn't see an explanation

Tanjagay Martin

A reason hasn't been identified, but you are correct--Save is the correct button to use.

Janel Middleton

It is conflicting while viewing screens intended for printing transcripts it reads Student’s Home Page at the top. Am I missing something?

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Janel, Thank you for your comment. The Student Hompage (in the upper-left corner of the image) happens to be the last page that the person was on in the system before navigating to the Electronic Transcript Request page. Respectfully, Tanjagay Martin | Functional Trainer CS Core

Mary Vincent

There used to be a link to a list of colleges that included both the ORG ID and the Location Number for electronic transcripts. The list above does not include the location number and the link to the list in my older version for sending electronic transcripts has gone dead. Where do I find the list with the Location Number included now? I know most of the colleges have '1' as a location number but as I recall, there were a few colleges with '2' as their location number.
Thanks Everyone!

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Mary, Thank you for your question. On the Address tab, once you've identified an Org ID, you can select the Location Nbr looking glass to view the location number.

Molly Zinkle

Hi! What happens if you push the process button on accident... asking for a friend.

Also is there a way to see all electronic transcripts you'd sent and if the colleges have received/ opened them?



Tanjagay Martin

Hello Molly, It is greatly appreciated that you commented. Clicking the Process button will prevent the transcript from being sent. Instead of clicking Process, save the page. Have a fantastic day, Molly! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Tinh Le

Hi, do you have any query/ report will identify transcripts that were NOT posted the DATE PROCESSED? We have sent many electronic transcripts daily, it wastes a lot of time to check back the transcript we sent in the next date to make sure it is processed successfully. Thank you.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Tinh,

Thanks for asking such an excellent question. The query QCS_SR_ELEC_TRANS_SENT will provide you with Date Processed information. Have a fantastic day. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

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