9.2 Beginning of Term Processes

Purpose: Use this to as a suggested sequential step by step process for Beginning of Term Processes in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff.

Beginning of Term Processes

Step 1 - Review Term Session Table and Academic Calendar

Maintaining the Term/Session Table
Maintaining the Academic Calendar

Step 2 - Schedule New Classes

Schedule New Classes

Step 3 - Copying the Prior Term

Step 5 - Generate Dynamic Class Dates

Generate Dynamic Class Dates

Dynamic Class Dates must also be generated for reporting purposes. For example, if students have student attributes applied to their Student Program/Plan stack and they are enrolled in DYN classes, the dynamic class dates will need to be generated in order for those students to be counted for reporting purposes.

Step 7 - Running  Batch Term Activation

Running Batch Term Activation

Step 8 -  Enrollment Appointments

Step 11 - Managing Waitlists

Managing Waitlists

Step 12 - Process Enrollment Cancellation - Drop for Non-Payment

Step 13 - Processing Term Withdrawals

Processing Term Withdrawals


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