9.2 Veterans Benefit Reporting Overview

Purpose: Use this to complete the sequential process for Veterans Benefit Reporting in ctcLink.  Note that as student enrollment changes (adding and dropping classes), the Update/Create Term Process will need to be run again to update the enrollment certification and tuition worksheets.

Audience: Student Records Staff, campus Veteran Services

Veterans Benefit Reporting Overview

Step 1  Create Veterans Benefit Summary

> Veterans Benefit Summary

Step 2  Run Create/Update Term Process in Update Enrollment mode

> Create/Update Term Process

Step 3  Certify enrollment

> Veterans Enrollment Certification

Step 4  Run Create/Update Term Process in Update Tuition Worksheet mode

> Create/Update Term Process

Step 5  Update Veterans Tuition Worksheet

> Updating the Veterans Tuition Worksheet

Step 6  Create/View Veterans Payment History (optional step)

> Create a Veterans Payment History View

Step 7  For the next term, run the Rollover Benefit Summary process

> Rollover Veterans Benefit Summaries for the Next Term



Kris Mason

Hi, can someone explain what exactly Veteran Benefit Reporting does?

Manila Mercurio


I'd like to know more about the Veterans Benefit Reporting. I was thinking of reaching out to the individual schools however, before I do so, I am wondering if there is an SME I can connect with or if there is another way to get information on it. Appreciate the help!

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Manila, The ctcLink CS Support distribution list is a great resource to communicate with other colleges about local business practices. Given this, please feel free to ask our CTC community veteran reporting questions. Here is the link for joining the Core Support (ctcLinkCSSupport) distribution list: https://lists.ctc.edu/mailman/listinfo/ctclinkcssupport_lists.ctc.edu. Thank you so much, Manila! ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Kris, That's a great question! Veterans Benefit Reporting is a collection of pages in PeopleSoft that allows colleges to track and report the following--veteran information, enrollment and drops, tuition and financial aid, and payment history. Although you cannot directly upload data to VA-ONCE, PeopleSoft functionality can assist colleges with streamlining veterans processes. ~Tanjagay Martin | CS Core Trainer

Kelsey Denton

Hello! We are wondering if the expectation in this process is that Veteran Services or school certifying officials are the ones awarding the Veteran Affairs Financial Aid Item Types?

Kelly Forsberg

Hi Kelsey,
That is an excellent question! The answer will depend largely on the collaborative efforts of work effort required between the FA Offices and the VA Offices at the college. I might recommend reaching out to the business analyst list serv to poll your colleagues on how the Financial Aid Item Types are recorded at other institutions. Generally, the expectation is that FA should have a pulse on what is being recorded because in cases where the veteran is FA eligible, FA staff (or SCOs) need to be aware of staying within Cost of Attendance (COA) calculations for FA compliance reasons. I hope this helps! -Kelly Forsberg, ctcLink Functional Trainer (Financial Aid)

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